You know how it goes…  You start the day off with grandiose ideas for the things you’ll get done.  Next thing you know you’re climbing in bed and haven’t done half of what you started out to do.  What gets in the way?  What causes you to stumble, so to speak?  I’ve tried to come up with the things that suck my time away, and I’ve discovered a couple.

First, it’s electronics.  By “electronics”, I mean computers (funny, given I’m doing this at the moment),  iPhone/PDA variant,  hand held gaming devices, console gaming devices, etc.  It is far too easy for me to spend hours using/playing around with these things and not realize it.  Sometimes it is for legitimate reasons that I’m on the computer, but I get so easily distracted by a story line here, or an ad there.

Second, it’s magazines/books.  I love to read.  It’s a pity I didn’t realize this while I was in school (could have been the material).  I have spent an entire afternoon reading magazines or a book (OK, I admit, an entire day has gone by once or twice).

It kind of goes back to that saying about anything in excess is bad.  These things are not bad in and of themselves.  It’s only when I’ve “abused” them by allowing them to suck up my time that it’s not good.  I’m thinking maybe a timer or something to alert me to when it’s time to move on might be a good idea.  I know, I’ll check the app store for my iPhone and see what I can find…


For several months now I have felt a nudging (from God) to start doing this communication thing. I’m not sure why at the moment, but figure I should be obedient and start. The main reason I elected to start it today was a result of an interview I watched of Francis Chan. The video can be found here:

If you are not familiar with him, Francis wrote the book “Crazy Love” a couple of years ago (2008). It was a definite life changing book for me – and partly an impetus for this blog. The interview above reminded me of the book, which reminded me of how God asks us to do things and we should do it. This is, of course, way easier said than done. I am anxious to see where this ends up.

God Bless!